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7 Best Roofing Software: Top Digital Tools For Roofers 2023

Roofing is one of the most competitive areas in the construction world. You’re always fighting stiff competition, lowball bidders, and fly-by-night operations willing to say and promise anything to undercut you and steal your customers. Roofing businesses everywhere can use roofing software to make managing jobs and employees much more easier.  

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With how cutthroat construction — the roofing industry, in particular — is in general, it’s not hard to feel that your back is up against the wall when you’re looking to build and grow your construction business.

With the help of top software tools, roofing contractors can gain an immediate advantage over the competition. Top-tier roofing software solutions can help you win more jobs, boost productivity, save time and money, and make smarter decisions. Commercial subcontractors and established large companies can also benefits from this software.

You can dominate the competition with the help of these top 7 roofing software applications.

7 Best Roofing Software Tools


As one of the best roofing CRM and project management solutions, JobNimbus helps roofing companies manage all people, places, and projects from start to finish. With JobNimbus roofing CRM, you can fully customize your experience on both the web and mobile app, helping to hone in on all your business processes. 

The JobNimbus mobile app simplifies team communication and provides you the freedom to manage your business on the go. Offering the largest selection of integrated partners, such as EagleView, Beacon, and Sunlight Financial, JobNimbus connects you with top companies in the industry to make your business more efficient. 

JobNimbus roofing software puts roofing business owners on the track toward organization, efficiency, and ultimately, profit and growth. JobNimbus users see an average of 43% revenue growth, 8 hours a week saved per person, and 25% more payments collected.


STACK is a very simple and straightforward piece of software designed to help roofing companies of all sizes better manage their construction projects.

In particular, the estimating and takeoff tools can help you avoid costly estimating mistakes that affect roofing companies and other construction companies of all sizes. The invoicing tools can also help you manage payments more efficiently in an organized fashion. You get a full run of premade reports, detailed analytics, and a support database to help manage equipment, supplies, and labor.

STACK is available as a cloud-based software tool and requires a monthly subscription. It’s affordable, lightweight, and accessible from pretty much any internet-enabled device, including phones and tablets.

Estimating Edge

Estimating Edge is a roofing software that provides real end to end, 100% automated solutions for takeoff and estimating projects. If you want to boost your roofing company’s profitability, this is one program you want to get your hands for creating estimates.  

The complete, all-in-one roofing takeoff and cost estimating software makes quick work of all your job projects. You’ll be able to input just a handful of crucial details, modify the basics of your estimate or your project parameters, and immediately get current, up-to-date, and accurate information regarding estimates. 

Combine that with the built-in tools to maximize your profitability, handle calculations for materials and labor costs in real-time, and the overall flexibility of this application.

Roof Chief

The overwhelming majority of roofing company owners want to spend more time making money and less time managing their projects - and that’s what Roof Chief aims to do.

Not only do you get estimating and invoicing tools. You also get tools that help with marketing and advertising, streamline your sales process, improve customer communications, and boost productivity across the board. 

You’ll also have access to tools that help you better analyze your company from a variety of different angles. From a profitability standpoint, you can find places to optimize your business to make even more money with little to no extra effort and create better estimates.


There aren’t a lot of roofing software programs out there that can quite match up with RoofSnap. Imagine what it would be like if you could map and measure, estimate, and plan every new roofing project just by looking at satellite images you get from Google.

You wouldn’t have to jump up a ladder anymore, fool around with different roof peaks and valleys, and you could start preemptively mapping, measuring, and estimating new projects that you want to tackle. This allows you to reach out to customers directly and let them know how much the project costs even before they need to ask. 

That’s what RoofSnap makes possible! It's an absolute game-changer in the world of roofing software with the aerial measurements it gets for you. You’ll want to take the free trial or a test drive to see just how powerful and accurate it is.

Field Pulse

Field Pulse helps you take on more roofing projects by streamlining your operation from top to bottom. Field Pulse helps you analyze your business in various ways, finding areas that you can better optimize to improve productivity and profitability.

You’ll also have access to tools that help you find your most profitable projects and clients so that you can find similar work in the future and keep your schedule full. With the mobile app, you can easily handle job scheduling at the tip of your hands. With the excellent field service management capabilities, you can optimize teams, manage projects remotely, track milestones, deadlines, job scheduling and have a better handle on your inventory. 

One of it's key features is the built-in support for estimating, invoicing, and integrations with popular construction accounting software like QuickBooks. It’s easy to see why this is such popular tool among roofing contractors and also home improvement pros.


This award-winning roofing software is regarded as one of the top options money can buy for roofers that want to build and grow a more profitable company.

Not only do you get immediate access to the tools and technology you need to win more jobs without needing to slash your prices, but you also get all the logistical help to run a more efficient business. 

This software has tools that help you estimate faster and more accurately, schedule and deploy roofing teams more efficiently, and tools that manage inventory and overhead.

Add in the almost unlimited amount of integrations this tool offers with QuickBooks and other construction software, it’s a must have for any roofing business owner.

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