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Best Joint Compound For Drywall 2023

Joint compound also commonly known as drywall mud is material that is used in all the phases of drywall. Starting with joint tape, filling holes, coating, texturing, and skim-coating. Some joint compounds are more suitable for certain phases than others, so there isn't always a one choice rules them all.

Joint compound essentially helps create a smoother surface to prepare the wall for paint. For the most part the material isn't expensive, but it can quickly add up since you might end up using a lot depending on the size of your project.  

Here are 3 of the best joint compounds and what the best uses for them are.

Top 4 Joint Compounds

1. Sheetrock US Gypsum 380270

Sheetrock US Gypsum 380270

The US Gypsum 380270 is one of the top joint compounds you can buy. It can be used in all phases of drywall. It comes ready to use so no preparation like mixing it with water is needed, all you need to simply do is apply it on the surface. Unlike other joint compounds, it doesn't dry fast if you don't have a lid on and it does a good job at spreading over the wall.

2. Dap Wallboard Joint Compound

Dap Wallboard Joint Compound

The Dap Wallboard Joint Compound is an excellent choice when you need to patch small holes in the wall. It's an excellent choice for DIY'ers as it's easy to use and applying it is effortless. There is little to no shrinkage and you can sand it with ease after drying. Since it's thinned, you can spread it evenly over a wall with a taping knife. 

3. Sheetrock USG 381466 Lightweight 

Sheetrock USG 381466 Lightweight

The Sheetrock USG 381466 is a great choice when you need a joint compound for mudding, taping, and leveling. You can use it to fix small holes in the drywall but probably not large ones. It's ready to go so you don't need to mix it with anything, but consider adding water for extra benefits. This joint compound has excellent resistance to cracks and adheres to drywall perfectly. When compared to the average joint compound it weights 35% less.

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