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Best Indoor Concrete Sealers To Protect Your Floors 2023

If someone ever asks you what the toughest construction material is, what would you say? Odds are, you’ll say that it’s concrete and you’d be right. As concrete cures, it’ll become increasingly harder until it’s a solid, almost indestructible slab. When it dries completely, what you get is a solid structure that looks like stone, and it’ll probably last just as long. 

Despite how strong they are, your concrete surfaces need to be coated with a concrete sealer, whether it's after you finished grinding the concrete or finished leveling it or existing concrete. That is especially true indoors, as a sealer will protect the concrete surface against corrosion, staining, and other kinds of damage. 

When choosing an indoor/interior concrete sealer, you’ll want to make sure that it’s odorless, non-toxic, and most importantly, good for the environment. Don’t forget that your family will come into contact with the sealer you pick every time they’re at home.  

To help you choose the right product, we’re going to look at 7 of the best sealers that you can use for your concrete floors.

Top 7 Indoor Concrete Sealers


ToughCrete Concrete Sealer is another long-lasting concrete sealer. Most people think of concrete sealers as just coating the surface. However, the top ones like ToughCrete penetrate deep into the surface. 

ToughCrete can last about ten years and protect your concrete from damage and deterioration, like the kind that comes with water or salt damage as well if you live close to the sea. ToughCrete doesn’t consist of acrylic, like some other brands instead it uses siloxane, which doubles as being eco-friendly as well as incredibly durable. 

With ToughCrete, you'll have beautiful concrete surfaces that will impress any guest that visits your home. It can be used on any concrete surface, ranging from garage-floors and driveways to protect them from hot tire pickup, decorative concrete, exterior/interior surfaces and much more.

Armor AR350

The Armor A350, made in the USA, is an acrylic sealer that offers a lot of value. It creates a wet or glossy look on the surface while remaining breathable. Combine those two strengths and what you get is a long-lasting, highly-durable, glossy finish on your indoor concrete.

Using Armor A350 is easy. It's self-priming, and you can even use it on both sealed and unsealed concrete surfaces. As an end result, it will protect your interior from damage and prevent the kind of deterioration you get from cracking, pitting, and more.

This solvent based acrylic sealer is the perfect solution for protecting your interior concrete floors.


The AQUA-X 11 concrete sealer was originally designed for use in commercial applications, but can now also be used for your own home. It's incredibly durable and protects against all sorts of typical damage that occurs.

With the AQUA-X 11, there's no mildew, pitting, spalling, or even mold. All you get is a clean and glossy looking concrete surface that adds a touch of class to your home. Best of all, there are no odors, and it has got very low levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). That way, you and your kids won't have to breathe in anything harmful!

KILZ Wet-Look

The KILZ Interior Sealer is an acrylic-based sealer that gives off a glossy and wet type of look for the concrete surface once it's coated and dried. The formula that KILZ uses on this product is a high-solid and non-yellowing type, so you won't have to worry about it discoloring in the long run.

Probably one of the best things about this acrylic sealer is that it's so easy to apply. You can do it with a brush, roller, or any kind of sprayer or applicator you may already own at home. Once it's on, it'll keep your concrete surfaces nice and clean for years to come. It rightfully earns it's place as one of the top indoor concrete sealers. 

The KILZ Wet-Look Sealer can also function as an exterior concrete sealer making it quite handy. 

Essential Values

Just like a few other brands on this list, the Essential Values Concrete & Stone Sealer uses siloxane as part of its formula. And they do so for a good reason. The Essential Values' formula is safe for both your family and the environment. As a homeowner, that's probably one of your top concerns.

The formula is so effective at protecting your concrete surfaces while also making them look fantastic. With the Essential Values sealer, you can sleep easy knowing that the surface is well-protected. Best of all, applying this penetrating sealer is a breeze, making your life much easier.

You can comfortably use this sealer on your interior concrete floors knowing it will do it's job correctly. 

MasonryDefender All-Purpose Sealer

The MasonryDefender interior concrete sealer is exceptionally good for waterproofing and it's also completely breathable. That's important for one simple reason, being breathable allows any trapped moisture under the sealer to escape, rather than sealing it in with the concrete for years.

Despite that tough-sounding and mighty name, this water-based sealer is odorless and very eco-friendly, so it's safe to have around the kids and pets. Best of all, you can wipe the surface clean using nothing more than soap and water.

You're interior floors will be well-protected from water damage and surface abrasion if you decide to go with the MasonryDefender All-Purpose sealer.

Eco-Tuff Clearcoat

The Eco-Tuff Clearcoat is one of the top interior concrete sealers and comes in three options: Gloss, Matte, and Satin finishes. From the get-go, Eco-Tuff already offers you a few different options for how you’d like the finish to look. But underneath those finishes, what you get is a concrete sealer that's good for the environment and safe for your family.

It'll protect your concrete from more than just moisture and dust; it’s also good against chemical damage as well. The bottom line is this product will protect your concrete surfaces from wear and tear, but without sacrificing aesthetics. In other words, it looks just as good as it works.

It's not acrylic-based, but instead it's one of the top polyurethane sealers you can find. 

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