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8 Best HVAC Software Programs For Technicians 2023

Keeping HVAC projects on track is tough enough on its own. Add to that the chaos of trying to manage everything without software, and things quickly get crazy. Luckily, there is some pretty useful HVAC software out there to keep your teams better organized, projects on track, and clients up to date on the latest project updates.

Similar to how physical tools like refrigerant leak detectors help make jobs more simple — virtual tools like HVAC software offer assistance in different ways. HVAC software aids with your administration efforts helping you stay more productive as a company. It can help you solve any accounting, estimation, invoicing, design and payment issues, helping you run your HVAC business more efficiently.

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If you're a contractor in the field of HVAC systems installation, you need to seriously consider investing in quality HVAC software if you haven't already. This type of software can save you time by making it much easier to design functional and effective HVAC systems for any building. Or if you’re a business owner, it can make dispatching technicians and client management much more manageable. 

What Is HVAC Software?

There are multiple different types of HVAC software programs. Some solutions provide job management, field service management, and client management services. Other types, like HVAC design software, are intended to help engineers design HVAC systems. This type of software can help you calculate the HVAC load for any given building, figure out the placement, ducts design for maximum efficiency, and even generate 3D models to show you how the system will ultimately look.

Software may also contain features to assist you with the financial side of the process. Some HVAC software can be used to help you manage your workforce, generate quotes for clients, and keep track of the various expenses related to a project.

What to Look For in HVAC Software

There are certain factors that are essential to consider before you choose a specific software. How you intend to use it and the level of support you might need are things you will want to figure out beforehand. 

Ease of Use - No matter what type of software you use, it should be user-friendly. Software that is easier to use is more efficient and will save you lots of time during the whole job process. Look for programs with an auto-save feature, easily accessible tools, and the ability to import files from other programs, as these will help you have a hassle-free user experience.

If you’re able to integrate it with other programs, that’s even better. Sometimes you will need to incorporate job management software with the financial side of things, making managing things much more straightforward. 

Industry Standard Load Calculations - When it comes to HVAC design software, you should be aware that there are a few different methods of calculating the HVAC load in a building depend on whether you're designing an HVAC system for a commercial or a residential building. Ideally, your software should generate load calculations based on all of the industry standards that exist. This ultimately helps provide more accurate numbers. 

Versatility - Ideally, your HVAC software should be capable of a wide range of tasks and allow you to do as much as possible without having to use other software platforms simultaneously. While it’s certainly convenient to have software that can integrate with other programs, sometimes it’s just easier to manage things in one platform. 

Support - Ideally, when you subscribe to a particular program or buy one, there should be a dedicated support system to help you quickly resolve any bugs or issues. Live support or dedicated support is always beneficial, especially if you’re just getting started and not too familiar with it. Similarly, other team members might haven’t used the software before and might need help. If there is a setup process or a set of lessons to follow, that always makes things simpler.  

Top 8 HVAC Software Programs


Website: https://www.knowify.com/hvac-business-software/

The world of HVAC contracting is hyper-competitive. You’re going to be up against stiff competition around every corner, and you need to be able to deliver excellent prices and outstanding services to your clients. 

Engineered from the ground up to manage your projects more efficiently. Knowify is an excellent choice to improve your scheduling and help you learn where your business could be better optimized. There’s not another software option out there for HVAC companies as complete as this one is. 

Marketing tools, invoicing, payment solutions, customer service, and support options, as well as easy integrations with other essential pieces of business software – including QuickBooks, for example – help push this solution over the top. 

Add in that the mobile applications are set up to be a contractor’s dream tool. There’s a lot to be impressed with when it comes to this HVAC all in one software product.

Field Edge

Website: https://fieldedge.com/hvac-software/ 

A 100% cloud-based solution that “lives online,” the beauty of Field Edge is that it doesn’t have to be installed on devices, and you don’t have to worry about losing your data. Available on a multitude of hardware options – including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets – this is one of the easiest to use HVAC solutions on the market right now.

You can handle all of your customer service needs, scheduling and dispatching needs, project management needs, and even invoicing and estimate needs inside of this all-in-one solution.


Website: https://www.joblogic.com/us/industries/hvac-software/

Joblogic offers top-notch HVAC service software to companies of any size. This software helps make the process of managing job scheduling and managing customers simpler. With a mobile app that your HVAC technicians can use from their mobile devices, you can dispatch them to new jobs faster. Some of the other key features include being able to manage all your invoices in one place, keeping all customer data in one location, and sharing live information with your customers. 

The software has a simple interface making it easy to use and can integrate with other common accounting software like Quickbooks. Joblogic also offers a free demo so you can test out their field service management software before committing. Using their robust platform, you can handle all of your business processes and take your customer support and small business to the next level. 


Website: https://getjobber.com/industries/hvac/

Far and away one of the most popular HVAC software options available right now, this solution is 100% cloud-based and specifically designed with small and midsize HVAC businesses in mind. 

The thing that Jobber does better than everyone else is the way it integrates with other CRM solutions, accounting platforms (like QuickBooks), and payment portals to make your life easier. The workflow for setting it up is super simple and straightforward, the learning curve is minimal, and it doesn’t take long.  

Combine that with the unlimited flexibility and integration options this platform offers, and this is a no-brainer. With this HVAC service software you can dispatch technicians quickly to service businesses much faster.

Smart Service

Website: https://www.smartservice.com/hvac-software/quickbooks-software-hvac/ 

Smart Service is built on the understanding that you are already using Quick Notes to manage your contracting or construction business’s billing and accounting. Smart Service adds HVAC specific functionality to integrate and overlay with your QuickBooks set up. 

Smart Service offers various integrations that help with scheduling, dispatching, and managing your team of contractors and staff. With all kinds of logistical details, this is a lightweight and easy to use solution for those familiar with the QuickBooks environment.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about rebuilding your client databases inside of Smart Service. Data is pulled directly from your QuickBooks database to hit the ground running, making sure that you’re able to use these powerful tools the first time that you run the program.

Service Fusion

Website: https://www.servicefusion.com/hvac-software 

This is one of the few HVAC service software programs on the market that offers full field service management solutions, VoIP phone integration, GPS vehicle fleet tracking options in an all-in-one, well-designed, and optimized bundle.

On top of that, you’re also going to get customer management solutions, estimates, invoicing options, scheduling, and dispatching. Plus, the software also includes supply management, time tracking, marketing, and advertising components. 

This option is a little bit more expensive than some of the other market choices today, but most HVAC pros consider it worth every penny. 

This is a top-tier piece of technology and certainly one of the best HVAC software options you can buy if you’re willing to spend a little bit of time customizing it and setting it up. It also comes with a mobile app for the HVAC contractors.


Website: https://www.mhelpdesk.com/hvac-software/

When software is created by experienced and well-regarded Lockheed Martin engineers, you know you’re getting your hands on something special. 

This platform explicitly offers all the tools and tech commercial HVAC contractors need for job scheduling and dispatching technicians. It can also handle your invoicing, estimates, payments and produce detailed analytics to streamline and optimize your business from top to bottom. 

Customer service and support solutions are built right into the platform, with live customer chat support tools, help desk, and knowledge base options. This software has an “HVAC business in a box” kind of setup that you won’t want to overlook. mHelpDesk is by far one of the top HVAC project management software solutions on the market.

HouseCall Pro

Website: https://www.housecallpro.com/industries/hvac-software/

HouseCall Pro helps businesses running off of paper – invoicing, estimates, scheduling, inventory management, timesheets, etc. – move towards the digital world. 

Everything about HouseCall Pro is built with a traditional “paper” operated business in mind. This streamlines the workflow of digitizing all of your in-house operations, mostly because the digital options work the same way that things work in your office already. 

On top of that, you’ll get GPS fleet management tracking, dispatch options, online payment processing solutions, tightly integrated accounting, and time tracking solutions.

The real “killer app” feature of HouseCall has to be how your customers can use parts of it to schedule estimates and projects all through your website. This front-facing capability’s flexibility is spectacular, making your life and your staff’s a lot easier.

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