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Best Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

There are many benefits that make metal roofs significantly more attractive to the average homeowner. Apart from a much longer roof life, they offer significant protection against wildfires and are quite energy efficient.

Adding gutter guards adds to that fire protection and also helps prevent ice dams along with a few other benefits. Using gutter guards along with heating cables will make your home more than ready for harsh cold weathers.

You can certainly use gutter guards for metal roofs, and certain gutter guards might be better suited for them than others. 

That being said, here are our reviews on the top 3 gutter guards for metal roofs. 

Best Gutter Guards For Metal Roofs

Raptor Gutter Guard

The Raptor gutter guard is a stainless steel micro-mesh guard that does a great job of blocking most outside debris. 

It's designed to work with 5-inch gutter systems and can easily install to any type of roof type, even beyond metal roofs. 

You won't have to worry about rust or warp thanks to its high-quality material built to handle tough weather.  

It's tightly held to your gutters with tape and corrosion-resistant screws which come included. 

FlexxPoint High Clearance Gutter Guard

With 1/8 inch drain holes, FlexxPoint gutter guards keep even the smallest piece of debris out helping your gutters stay clean and prevent any clogs. 

It's designed for 5-inch gutter systems and made out of lightweight aluminum. You can easily snap it into place for a quick installation. 

Available in a wide variety of different colors, choosing the best one to match your gutter system color will allow them to blend in with the environment. 

For the ultimate gutter coverage and protection, you can't go wrong with FlexxPoint high clearance gutter guards. 

Amerimax Home Products 636025 Lock-In Gutter Guard

The Amerimax gutter guards have a metal mesh design that helps keeps out any type of debris from your gutters. Created for easy installation, these gutters guards simply slide in below the first row of shingles and then "lock-in" with the edge of the gutters. 

Its neutral color makes it almost invisible when looking at it from the ground and the steel material it's made out of helps it remain durable.

This lock-in gutter guard is compatible with 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch gutters and can withstand the harshest storms. 

A-M Aluminium Finish Gutter Guard

The aluminum finish gutter guard by A-M is one of a kind. It’s made using heavy gauge .018 aluminum, which won’t rust. On top of that, the aluminum material won’t rot or break down in any way. That’s great since it allows you to fix it without ever having to replace it.

With 380 holes per foot for this gutter guard, it’ll ensure a high flow of water right through to your gutter. No matter how hard it rains, the A-M gutter guard will not disappoint.

This gutter guard works with most types of hangers and does exceptionally well with hidden hangers. If you’re standing in front of your house looking at your gutters, you’ll have a tough time seeing the gutter guard. To make your metal roof look even better, consider installing skylights too

E-Z-Gutter Guard

The E-Z-Gutter Guard is designed to fit 5” gutters at home perfectly as well as being easy to install. You don’t need any screws at all to install, just slightly overlap the pieces at every notched section. By following the notches and snapping them together, you’ll get a ¾ inch overlap between two parts of the gutter guard.

Once installed, the reverse louver design will do a great job of keeping any trash or debris out. Water will flow incredibly smoothly right through the gutter. The heavy-duty aluminum material makes this gutter guard last a lifetime. It doesn’t rust or rot either, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the future.

The stylish black color of this gutter guard provides two advantages with the first one being that it will help the gutter guard blend in easily with your home’s roofline. Second, it’ll warm up quickly and melt any ice or snow that gets stuck on it during the winter.

LeafTek Gutter Guard

The LeafTek’s gutter guard uses .019 grade aluminum, and it’s completely made in the U.S.A. It has a quality enamel coating that hardens the entire gutter guard to stand up against terrible weather conditions.

The main advantage of LeafTek’s gutter guard is in its design. The company uses its proprietary vented raised ridge airflow design that you won’t find on any other gutter guard. That strong flow of air is crucial for the wellbeing of your gutter system. Good air circulation will dry out any moisture, standing water, and it’ll even dry out leaves as well. As a result, your dry gutters will not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes or anything else.

This gutter guard has 404 holes per square foot. Aside from air, water will flow smoothly through the entire gutter system while it filters out leaves and other debris.

Flexxpoint 30-Year Gutter Cover System

The Flexxpoint 30-year gutter cover system comes in a wide range of different colors. Flexxpoint designed this system for easy handling and installing. The covers themselves come in four-foot sections complete with stainless steel fasteners provided in the package as well. You could even do it by yourself instead of paying a contractor to handle it for you. 

Like many great gutter covers, this one is not visible from the ground. It’ll fit in seamlessly with your existing gutter system, making it much more convenient.

The gutter cover system filters out debris and leaves and it does an excellent job of preventing clogs, thanks to the size of the holes. Water and air can flow very quickly through the entire system, keeping it dry and clean at all times.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In Gutter Guards For Metal Roof

Buying gutter guards for your metal roof doesn’t have to be difficult, there are a few essential things to consider before you spend your money. Here are a few of them:

Gutter guard styles

They don’t make all gutter guards the same way. There are three general styles of gutter guards that you need to understand. They are screens made of plastic or mesh, gutter filters, and surface tension units. 

The main difference between them is cost and efficiency. If you’re looking for a budget option, stick with the mesh options. You’ll save loads, but you’ll still have to clean the cutter guards once in a while.

If you have money to spend, invest in surface tension units. They’ll allow air and water to flow through into the gutters, while debris and leaves fall right off the edge of the roof. As you can imagine, they cost more, but they’ll make your life easier in the long run.

The size of your gutters

Never forget to measure your gutters before you shop for gutter guards. Those gutter guards usually come with several size options for you to choose from. You can’t choose one that’s too small or too large, as they won’t get the job done properly.


You should also consider the aesthetic traits of your gutter guards, specifically regarding the colors and design. You’ll want gutter guards that people can’t see from the ground, so it blends in with the rest of your house. It would also be nice to get gutter covers that match your roof in terms of color so that nothing stands out like a sore thumb.

Another simple way to protect your roof in harsh weather conditions is by applying a roof sealant to it.

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